It’s time to make things official. I’ve waited long enough and now the truth must come out. The world must know what the TOP 20 BREAKFAST CEREALS OF ALL TIME are. Before I begin this very important list, I must say that there are several factors that weigh into such a demanding collection of delightful breakfast options. Taste, of course. Color and Appearance (which might include shape and size. I would also include the “feel” of the cereal…enlarged to show texture, of course.) Gimmick and appeal. (A must from a child’s perspective. I would lump prize potential in this category as well.) And finally, nostalgia. This might be considered a controversial category. But look at it from a big picture perspective…we’ve all had cereal. We’ve all had that experience rounding the corner of the cereal aisle and scanning the colorful boxes hoping to lock gazes with Fred Flintstone or dodge the gaze of one of many novelty movie cereal characters. (I mean, c’mon…who really wants to eat Jack Sparrow cereal?)


While I may get some slack from this first entry…because of it’s position on the list, most likely. But while tasty, it has one big thing going against it: it’s size. If there was a way to shrink the size of those “combs” and still maintain the airy, fluffiness without making it any more crunchy…then Honeycomb would be shooting up the list. Until then, this BEAST of a cereal will have to remain at the bottom of my “bowl.”  TASTE: 5, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 5, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 5, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 20


Cap’n Crunch has two cereals that are the cat’s meow. This particular one remains the PREMIERE peanut butter cereal of all time. It’s lovely. There was a period there that I was at war with Peanut Butter Crunch. I’m convinced they changed the recipe or something…because it often left my teeth feeling fuzzy after eating a heaping bowlful. (Pineapple still does that to me. Don’t know why.) But the last time I had some, it was yummy…my teeth didn’t feel a bit fuzzy and I was reminded on the peanut buttery yummy-ness in every spoonful….(SHEESH! I’m starting to sound like a commercial!) TASTE: 6, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 4, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 5, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 20


I kinda have a love/hate relationship with Golden Grahams. They remind me of that friend that always hangs around your clique of peeps, even though no one really wants them around. They’re fine…good for a laugh every now and then. Golden Grahams is a good, crunchy, tasty cereal for those who like things sweet…but not too sweet. The raw-ness of the very “grahammy” offering is a nice touch to breakfast for coffee drinkers, and offsets a piece of fruit or yogurt nicely. My beef about this cereal is it’s inability to withstand milk penetration. The stuff gets sloppy very quick. Pour on the milk and get munching! TASTE: 6, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 4, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 5, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 20


I feel somewhat obligated to include a member of the Chex family on this list. While you won’t find me sitting down to a hearty bowl of Chex for breakfast anytime soon (without a heaping spoonful of sugar…or strawberries…or a dump truck…or something on top!) I would like to say that Chex has its place in the cereal Hall of Fame, if only for…..Chex Mix. Chex Mix is by far one of my favorite snacks…and without the Chex…you only got da mix. (Which is basically like the equivalent of salty trail mix.) If you’re going to make Chex Mix…use Wheat Chex. It’s stronger and soaks up the butter in the homemade mix the best. Even blind people will find a box easily. It’s the compact little box located on the top shelf that weights 14 pounds. TASTE: 5, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 5, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 4, NOSTALGIA: 7 TOTAL: 21


Toucan Sam. What a marketing jackpot, am I right? I mean…think about it…a stinkin’ toucan with a colorful snout who likes little fruit rings! I mean the parallels are striking! (…..ahem…..) Let’s say we take away all of the color in the cereal. No more loops…and we put the toucan to sleep. You’d STILL have a darn tasty cereal. It’s on taste alone I throw this cereal a bone. It’s yummy. It’s like Fruity Pebbles on steroids. I could do without the mascot….and his colorful schnozz. TASTE: 9, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 4, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 4, NOSTALGIA: 4 TOTAL: 21


I’m not even sure that you can find these anymore. If they don’t make CoCo Wheats anymore, then the world has suffered a great loss. How many of you have found yourself with a crazy bad sore throat…or bed-ridden with illness, hacking up lungs and withering away…slowly drudging to the pantry for something…anything…to bring some sort of food into your system and an inkling of energy. I’m sure at some point you’ve eaten oatmeal thinking you’ve found Excalibur. Perhaps even a tidy bowl of Cream of Wheat. That’s awfully nice, isn’t it? But what if…when you shuffled your lazy, broken, withering body to the pantry you crack open the door to find that comfort food you so desire…JAM PACKED WITH RICH CHOCOLATY NUMMINESS! CoCo Wheats is so bloody good…. If it no longer exists….IF…..then I have lost a long time friend. (Sing along: “CoCo Wheats, CoCo Wheats, Can’t be beat! It’s the creamy warm cereal with the CoCo Treat!”) TASTE: 9, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 3, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 2, NOSTALGIA: 8 TOTAL: 22


This is the cool, stylish, Liberal Arts Major, half-cousin to Golden Grahams. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has no problem telling it like it is. “Yeah I wear cinnamon and sugar all over! You got a problem wit dat?” Despite it’s inability to hold its own in a bowl full of milk (after about 1 minute….soggyville) it remains a tasty, light cereal. Plus it has a fun, chubby, old Chef as the mascot. Good times. Have any of you wondered where the original other TWO Chefs went? There was originally three. Now only one. They kept the chubby one. My theory….he ATE the other two….in a bowl of 2% milk! Part of this complete breakfast! TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 5, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 4, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 22

13.) TRIX

I’m not sure why I like TRIX so much. Even when I go shopping and I pick up a box, I look at it in the cart there and think to myself…”well…it’s the lesser of all evils this particular trip.” (It sinks in around the paper towel aisle.) It’s good and fruity…and I suppose that if ANY cereal could be considered “refreshing,” Trix would probably be it. I always thought the Rabbit was a little TOO goofy. I mean…he’s basically a blob of white bouncing around like a freakin’ Oompa Loomp in the Mike TV scene of Willy Wonka. “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.” And in every commercial the rabbit is like three times as big as those kids. “Are you going to take that from them, Rabbit? You go back there and you take that cereal back from them right now! You hear me!?” TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 6, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 5, NOSTALGIA: 4 TOTAL: 23


This is the lovechild of a crusty honey bear’s pour spout and a fleck of a rice cake. And yet…it’s delicious. Smacks (also referred to as Honey Smacks by Californians and the whole of Western Europe) is a light, flavor-filled cereal that sticks to your ribs (like my Grandma would say.) But, like nearly every cereal, it does indeed have a flaw. (And this is the honest truth.) After you’ve opened the box and let it sit in your pantry for about week…when you crack the box for a dainty bowl of breakfast….you’ll smell a musky, cat-like funk. That’s right! SMACKS smells like musky funk after about a week! Truth! Total truth! Oddly enough, it doesn’t change the taste of the cereal at all. Still yummy. But the smell…not so nice. (Makes diggin’ for the toy a variable dip into the bog of eternal stench!) And the frog (Dig’em, by name)….yeah, he’s totally laughing at your turned-up nose! TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 6, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 4, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 23


Ah, yes. The Chicklets of Cereals. The aquarium rocks of Cereals. Don’t inhale with excitement too quickly, you may ingest the first spoonful via nasal cavity! It’s simply a silly, gimmicky…yummy cereal. There is absolutely no substance to this stuff. It’s like someone was sitting around in an office somewhere and was like “I have an idea…let’s make some edible confetti and put it in a box guarded by two cavemen!” This stuff can’t hold a match to milk…and will turn into the gloppiest bowl of mash you’ve ever seen after a few minutes…but it’s cheap…fun…and good. TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 8, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 6, NOSTALGIA: 5 TOTAL: 27


Let’s get serious now. We’re turning the corner and looking at the official top ten. I mean business. Frosted Mini Wheats is the kids cereal for old farts. It’s like the corporate party breakfast cereal. Anything with the word “wheat” in it makes me pause before purchasing. I’m not sure why…but you see, they’re slick. They slather the other side with a ton of sugar. Ummmmm. And don’t you DARE tell me you aren’t one of those people that eats the Mini Wheats with a ton of sugar…and leaves the ones with only a little sugar on them. You KNOW you do! I’m convinced there is a disgruntled factory worker in sector 8 at the Mini Wheat factory who is gettin’ lazy with the frosting machine…and taking his/her angst out on poor, helpless, frosting-lovers across America. Touche, my factory working nemesis….touche. TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 8, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 7, NOSTALGIA: 4 TOTAL: 27


Okay…so the flakes got the leg up on the wheats. It’s was a tough race…but Tony the Tiger in all his gruff, ruff masculinity (and dainty neck scarf) came out on top, folks. Frosted Flakes are for people who want to feel like their eating healthy, but can;t stand to retire to Bran-ville. It makes you feel healthy because you never have to succumb and meekly withdraw to the sugar canister (which we all know is the kiss of death for any cereal connoisseur.) I’m still waiting for the day when there is an actual cereal varnish that withstands the power of manipulative moo juice. The day will come, my cereal-loving friends. Until then, we’ll continue to salute the Flake….and then gobble it up very rapidly. TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 7, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 6 TOTAL: 28

8.) Cheerios

Cheerios are good. Yeah. So tasty…and, uh….healthy. (*smiles*) I CAN’T DO IT! “You have to include it, I said.” I tried to be good. I tried to play fair. But, I’m sorry….I can’t. Cheerios just stink…..they STINK. Nobody…and I mean nobody sits around the house going, “hmmm, I could sure go for a bowl of cheerios.” Cheerios are a staple of the breakfast world and there is no indication of them dying away anytime soon. AND WHY? I’m serious…I’m asking. I think we’ll all agree that cereal should remain filled with sugar….completely frosted or accompanied by chocolate and marshmallows. Cheerios doesn’t even TRY to win you over with toys inside. I probably wouldn’t even buy a box of it said “FREE iPOD inside.” A week later as you bop to UB40 on your way out the door in the morning….you’ll have to face that box in the cupboard. It’ll stare at you. Awkward moments in the kitchen do NOT start your days off right, my friend. Do yourself a favor….keep Cheerios where they belong. In psych wards where patients us them to make neat little Christmas strings with popcorn and ear wax. TASTE: ….stinks…, COLOR/APPEARANCE:…stupid, stinky…., GIMMICK/APPEAL:….Ha! Appeal! Funny. Let me think….ah, stinky! , NOSTALGIA: Stinky McStinkster. TOTAL: Goose egg.


I’m sorry…..that Cheerios thing upset me. Where were we? Cookie Crisp! Now you’re talkin’! Cookie Crisp is the funniest thing ever. Talk about an ultimate junk food. If I had a junk food top twenty…you’d better believe Chocolate Chip Cookies would be in my top five. I love it! I mean…they actually MADE A CEREAL consisting of NOTHING BUT Chocolate Chip Cookies! Genius! Pure genius. On top of that, (as if that wasn’t enough) the marketing department put the cereal in the tiniest box they could find. THEN…on top of that….it’s costs like $5.00 a box. The stuff flies off the shelves! Corporate executives from the Cookie Crip wing….you drive your Mercedes Benz with the top down. All hail. TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 7, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 8 TOTAL: 31

6.) Honey Bunches of Oats

I’m not young. I used to be. I remember when I was. I sometime still think I’m young. But my body gently reminds me that I shouldn’t think that way anymore. (Like the time I ate four Pop Tarts in one sitting and nearly went blind.) This is why I have Honey Bunches of Oats in the Top Ten. This is a “healthy” cereal that actually tastes good. (Of course they had to counter the effort by making a spin-off cereal called “Just Bunches.” It’s like 23,500 calories per bowl.) Anything with flakes accompanied by freeze-dried fruit or barley and hay….just don’t eat it. You’ve got to live a little! If you’re going to splurge…let it be in your choice of cereal. If your conscience won’t let you…get Honey Bunches of Oats. TASTE: 8, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 8, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 8 TOTAL: 32


I suppose if the whole Honey Bunches of Oats, “I’m getting old” thing didn’t convince you…the Grapenuts confessional will. Okay…I admit. I love-a-da Grapenuts. I grew up with Grapenuts! Grandma liked Grapenuts and I like Grandma! They’re good in yogurt and yummy with a bit of sugar and warmed up in the microwave. And if you spill a bowl of ’em…clean up the mess with a paper towel…then LEAVE the paper towel to dry over night…then sha-bang! You’ve got yourself a nice, new scouring pad! In all seriousness…don’t leave your Grapenuts bowl in the sink. Be a good boy/girl…wash it out. My college years were spent making money with several odd job so that I could consistently replace my dinnerware. TASTE: 9, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 7, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 9 TOTAL: 33


Who would have thought an apple flavored cereal would be in my top five? Actually, have you ever really thought about Applejacks? You don’t really THINK about apples when you’re eating them, do you? I enjoy them very much because they don’t leave me feeling like I just ate a bowl of mortar ten minutes later. This mainstream mega-cereal is certainly a great way to start the day. It’s interesting…they don’t even have a mascot or spokesperson! But, what….are they going to have a talking apple or something!? TASTE: 9, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 9, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 9 TOTAL: 35


Have you ever heard of the children’s book entitled “Everybody Poops?” It’s out there and very popular. It a rather crude but poignant book that delivers a rather interesting message: we’re all human. Well, you know….everyone is “cuckoo for Coco Puffs!” Everyone! George W. Bush has eaten Coco Puffs. Oscar Goodman, Al Pacino, John Travolta, Richard Simmons, Bea Arthur….Pope Benedick. They’ve all been cuckoo for Coco Puffs! It’s a cornerstone cereal. You think chocolate at breakfast time? You’re thinking of Coco Puffs. Talk about the right kind of marketing too. You’ve got an A.D.D. bird who hasn’t had his morning sugar bursting through walls, haunting children and robbing them of their cereal. It’s a sitcom waiting to happen! TASTE: 9, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 9, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 8, NOSTALGIA: 9 TOTAL: 35


Studio executives, if you’ve ever thought about making a live action film about a cereal mascot….Cap’n Crunch is your man. What a stud. He’s like the ultimate cereal heavyweight. And he’s not a brute either. He’s…well….jolly! But in a cage match…he could take Dig’Em, Cuckoo Bird, Toucan Sam and that silly Rabbit with his eyes closed! Cap’n Crunch cereal is just a darn good way to start the day. It’s hearty, crunchy and yummy. I love it so much that I’ve crushed the cereal and breaded chicken with it! It’s in a class by itself, because it’s not really candy…it’s not chocolate…it’s not marshmallow…it’s not honey….what the heck is it? Nobody knows…and nobody cares. Cap’n Crunch will live for all time. I’ll be dead and buried and Cap’n Crunch will live on. TASTE: 10, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 9, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 10, NOSTALGIA: 10 TOTAL: 39


I have to reserve the top slot for the naughtiest, no-holds-barred cereal of all time. Lucky Charms is just the universal kids cereal. A multitude of marshmallows! The originals were gold stars, green clovers, purple…ah, unicorns..and blue asteroids…and, whatever! It’s yummy…and probably my GREATEST comfort food. They don’t even apologize for their cereal. They know it’s bad. Even the healthy part of the cereal is covered with a film of sugar. I bet you the box is even edible. Lucky Charms in my book…while maybe not the “BEST” by health standards….not the best by adult vs. children standards….I argue it is the ONLY cereal on this list that everyone has tried at some point, and the majority have walked away liking. Do you eat it every morning? Heck, no. That would be like eating candy bars for breakfast…and that’s just stupid. TASTE: 10, COLOR/APPEARANCE: 10, GIMMICK/APPEAL: 10, NOSTALGIA: 10 TOTAL:40

REAL QUICK….here’s a break down of some cereals that didn’t make the list. Some of them just missed the top twenty…some of them are THE DEVIL!

  • LIFE – I don’t get LIFE. It’s like Chex and Golden Grahams were put in an isolation chamber in some bizarre far away universe…and the collision generated a massive explosion. When the dust settled…there was LIFE cereal. Yeah! We’re a…..we’re just as excited. …………I’m not excited. That’s called sarcasm.
  • RAISIN BRAN – I tried in vain to get a raisin cereal on the top twenty list, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d be lying to myself. The fact remains…after a few days, upon opening the box, every raisin inside turns to stone. I can’t get past that.
  • WAFFLE CRISP – Whoever invented this cereal has an unhealthy relationship to maple flavoring. Perhaps this is an unfair account…but c’mon. You want waffles? Get an iron.
  • WHEATIES – Who’s kidding who here? Wheaties is not something athletes eat everyday. It doesn’t make you stronger…give you more energy…blah, blah, blah. It’s all a gimmick. If it were all true, why don’t you just pour some Gatorade on top and fly away, Superman? On top of that…it doesn’t even taste that good.
  • ALPHA BITS – Anyone else think Alpha Bits are SOOOO overrated? They taste terrible and the big gimmick is that you can spell stuff out in your cereal bowl. This cereal was developed by a teacher, I can feel it!
  • MR. T CEREAL – Okay, so this doesn’t exist anymore. But, back, a long time ago, when it did…it was the yuckiest stuff I’ve ever tasted, ever. So gross. I pity the fool who eats this cereal.
  • QUISP – Another cereal that incredibly hard to find. My brother-in-law went on and on about how much he loved this cereal. When we happened upon it in some weird grocery store in Chicago, we bought like five boxes of it…………….It tastes like feet. FEET.
  • BOO BERRY – I’m going to lump the Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry Cereals all together and say that they just aren’t that good. But, Boo Berry….oh my gosh. How can I put this? There are three things in my lifetime that have made me instantly sick to my stomach: the time I ate an entire strawberry/rhubarb pie….venison jerky….and Boo Berry cereal. Just thinking about it make me queasy.

Hope you enjoyed my list! I’d love to hear your comments about your FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE cereals!



  1. I think you forgot to mention King Vitamin and Kaboom. Quisp ROCKS! I also think the only reason Wheat Chex is even on the list is for it being in Chex Mix…..

    p.s. Honey smacks makes your pee smell

  2. the Doctor Says:

    I am very loyal when it comes to my cereals. For years, I would only eat Cap’n Crunch; in fact, I went on a one man crusade at the university I attended to have it in the cafeteria every day. About three years ago I found Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. HBO w/ almonds is amazing. I’ll never go back. I buy 5-10 Family sized boxes at a time; they don’t last long. Quisp is a classic; it’s been at least 30 years since I’ve had any, but my memory puts it closer to Cap’n Crunch than feet. Great blog topic!

  3. First off…Grape Nuts and Honey Bunches of Oats are in your top 10? That takes away all credibility. Frutiy Pebbles is undoubtedly a top 3 cereal according to anyone who has ever had a cavity. Oh…and if you’re being nostalgic with some of these weirdo cereals, how could you leave off Snap, Crackle, and Pop? Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams are top 10 material too…come on. Are you a communist? Also…this list shouldn’t include cereals because their cousin is a good baked snack. Screw Wheat Chex…they make you poop and tastes like 10 year old cardboard. However, they do make a dandy Sweet N Salty Mix…but that doesnt make it a good cereal. Also…your reasoning for keeping off Life is not convincing…Mikey is grown now and will beat your as$.

  4. I just wanted to say that this brought back ALOT of memories (mostly good)! Loved reading about all the cereals that I had forgotten about like Honey Smacks… I LOVED Honey Smacks as a kid! Never did notice that smell though… Most of your top 20 are accurate like Lucky Charms, Cap’N Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles, but there are a couple on your list that had me a bit confused! Wheat Chex, Frosted Mini Wheats… aw c’mon! Those could be included in the ‘horror’ genre of kid’s cereals! I remember vividly the first time I got enticed into eating Mini Wheats due to the luscious drizzle of icing on top…. only to be shocked and disgusted to realize that no amount of icing in the world can make cardboard taste good!

    Thanks for the great blog (and the memories that came with!)

  5. john wennstrom Says:

    This should be retitled, 3 Cereals (Cheerios, Wheat Chex, and Grape Nuts) and “17 High Fructose Sweet Breakfast Candies Masquerading As Cereal To Seduce Young Children.” Rotten teeth, anyone?

    Honorable mention should at least go to Kix (the first puffed cereal, father of Cocoa Puffs, Trix, et al) and good ‘ol Corn Flakes, the grandfather of all cereals, and at least a nod to the Granola-types which are the ancestor of them all.

    The old fart has spoken.

  6. michael loreto Says:

    excellent review of cereals.. but the best cereal of all time was left off thel ist… Pro Stars… with Wayne Gretzky on the front… here in canada.. as a kid… you eat a bowl before a hockey game and you score 3 goals… its not a myth… its a way of life.


  8. blueberry Says:


  9. DuDE. U R a stupid moron for not liking Quisp. How do you know what feet taste like anyway?

  10. MY list of the 5 greatest cereals of all time:

    1. Apple Jacks
    2. Count Chocula
    3. Honeycomb
    4. Sugar Crisp
    5. Frosted Flakes

    And dude, Honey Bunches of Oats is POLITICALLY CORRECT CEREAL! Shame on you for even putting it on the list.

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  12. This is from a year ago, I know, but you can order CoCo Wheats from the website

  13. optimis prime Says:

    I LOVE FRUITY PEBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. wtf were is coco pepples

  15. Edropkin Says:

    Quaker Oats O’s may be the best cereal of all time. A crispy lightly sweeten corn ring, the center of which is packed with delightful graham cracker bits. How could you go wrong?

  16. Some of us are old enough to remember when “Sugar” wasn’t a bad word, and it was SUGAR Smacks, and Sugar Frosted Flakes, and so on…

    This list includes many stalwarts and I respect the choices. For my part, Peanut Butter Crunch is far superior to any other Cap’n cereal and compete with Lucky Charms for the #1 spot. BTW, Anyone remember the other Cap’n cereals? For a time, there was Vanilla Crunch, Choco Crunch, and Cinnamon Crisps. THOSE were good.

    I loved Quisp. I loved the whole idea of Quisp. Anyone remember when Quisp raced that Ooboperoos character to stay on store shelves? That was high Saturday morning commercial drama in the 70s. Quisp also took down Quake, so he may be the only 2-0 cereal in head to head competition on ANY list.

    Golden Grahams are good for two bites and then become limp cardboard. Those two bites, are REALLY good though.

    Thanks for the memories. I love CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. WTF is with Cheerios being so high!? You even rated it a ZERO.. yet it ranks 8!? Honey Nut Cheerios, now that, I could get behind. By the way, Mr. T cereal kicked serious ass. Remember when Lucky Charms was ALL marshmallow for a while? (the ‘cereal’ pieces were marshmallow coated) Also, certain cereals require less milk. Seriously. Use very little milk on Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes and they’re throughly enjoyable! Not Soggy! :o)
    I LOVE CEREAL!!!! ❤

  18. James Storey Says:

    Wow. I have to say that this kept me entertained for 10 minutes. You sir have given me a list of things to buy for teh next 20 weeks. Starting from the top, i am going to get my hands on every one of them, and see whether or not i agree with you. For the record, WHERE are rice crispys? they deserve a top 20 slot…. with a shed load of sugar, they are the dogs bollocks…. not beating POKEMON cereal which was basically AIDS in a box. But you need more, and it tastes so good… Well it did…. 6 years ago.

  19. Amazing article, very entertaining and made me want cereal soo bad! You are a really good writer. I am so surprised that you put golden grahams at 18, that cereal is absolutely horrible but for some reason I find myself getting it every once in a while because of a stange addiction…

  20. This is great to know thanks, but what ever happened to that Oreos cereal that Post made?

  21. Post Fortified Oat Flakes is the best cerial of all time.

  22. Chris White Says:

    That was a great list. I have to say that I live on the East Coast of Canada, and out here we don’t get even half of cereal’s that you get in the USA. Assuming that you are in the USA. Sorry if not. I have been a cereal connoisseur for my entire life. Well probably since the age of 10 i’d say. I’m 36 now. That’s 26 years of cereal lov’n. Actually as I write this post I’m on my 2nd bowl of Raisin Bran. Anyway about 15 years ago Kellog’s started to give us Canadians a taste of there Crackl’n Oat Bran Cereal. WOW. I ate that cereal for weeks and weeks on end. Then as I was probably going for a world record of eating bran, they just up and took it away. It was a crying shame and still is. Luckily my mom goes to Calais, ME every couple of months and she is sweet enought to bring me back 3-4 boxes. Gotta love mom. Anyway thanks for listening to me, and kudos for living in the USA. May your palate always have a place for cereal. Take care and happy new year.

  23. Pop-Tarts Crunch

    The best on any continent. Self High Five, yes


  25. I would to say the list is pretty good but you have to figure what is mostly bought too no matter how unhealthy it is. The thing you left out is does this include cereals that don’t exist anymore? like for examples: French toast crunch or oreo-o’s something like that. I would also agree upon adding rice krispie treats cereal. As far as cheerios go in a recent comment i would back up honey nut cheerios & not the reg. ones. Grapenuts should not be on the list at all & neither does that certain chex cereal as well. Reeses’s puff’s should replace one of those as well & coco pebbles. Believe me if i’ve tried a whole lot of cereal to know up till now. P.S. cereal lover 😛

  26. how could u possibly say that about cheerios

  27. I ate Buckwheats every single day for two years in 1973 & 1974. Then I went to college and didn’t make time for breakfast. Buckwheats were unsurpassed in flavor, crispness, had just the right amount of sweetness, and the real kicker was THEY DIDN’T GET SOGGY. They tasted like buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup. Sometimes you’d hit paydirt and get a few stuck together with the maple coating stuff. I’m craving a bowl or 3 right now… Why, oh why don’t they make it anymore?

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  29. Rice chex are way better than wheat chex and crunch berry is better than capt. Crunch but where is rice crispies? This cereal is an american institution.

  30. Quaker Brand, “Oh’s” are the best. Delicious and NEVVER gets soggy

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