Top 20 Coolest Disney Characters of All Time

Before I even begin writing this list, I need to be perfectly clear. This is a listing of MY top twenty Disney characters that I’ve always thought were just stinkin’ cool. Cool is a subjective term. You’ll notice Mickey Mouse is not on my list. Some would consider that sacrilegious. I like Mickey. Who doesn’t like Mickey. But he’s not on my top twenty list of the COOLEST Disney characters. (And I feel no obligation to put him or any other “classic” character there as a “tip of the hat” gesture.) Also, I’ve limited my list to ANIMATED films. (Yes, even digitally animated films.) I make no apologies for my list, and I stand by my decisions. You are welcome to argue them.

20. DORY (From “Finding Nemo”)

Dory is back on the list, because a reader of this blog was so kind to remind me that “Kung Fu Panda” is actually a Dreamwork movie, not Disney…which subsequently knocked Po out of the running. So, Dory is here and after thinking about it for a while….rightly so! What a fun character! Ellen Degeneres brings this hilarious Blue Tag fish to life and audience were delighted. She’s crazy, forgetful, enthusiastic, and sensative. (Sounds like my yearly evaluation with the principal at my school!) Anyway…congrats Dory for finding your way onto the list. Just keep swimming…just keep swimming!

19. PONGO (From “101 Dalmatians”)

Let’s face it…of all the ANIMAL Disney heroes, he’s by far the slickest. He’s cool, collected, loyal, and above all he loves his family. He goes to great lengths (even putting himself in the line of fire) to save those he cares about. He’s not an arrogant leader either. Even though he’s the reason why everyone went out and got Dalmatian puppies, thus giving puppy mills a booster shot, we won’t hold that against him.

18. MALEFICENT (From “Sleeping Beauty”)

Can we be perfectly honest with one another for a second, without hurting any feelings? Okay. “Sleeping Beauty” is not a cinematic masterpiece. It’s weak in character development and sub-plot structure. I’d even go as far to say that Princess Aurora (who has the most difficult name to pronounce of all of the Disney princesses…especially if you’re of Asian heritage) is kinda bland in comparison to her nemesis. I’ll even go on record saying that I’ve always found Maleficent a smidge attractive. (It’s the high collar, assertiveness and green skin. Love green skin for some reason.) My little Lima bean queen is just a fierce villain. That’s all there is to it. The topper is that she turns into a freakin’ dragon…a cool one too! Aurora spends half the movie frolicking in the woods bare foot….and who does she get with in the end? Mighty Prince Phillip. (Who comes up with these names!!!)

17. GASTON & LAFOU (From “Beauty and the Beast”)

I don’t mean to lump these two together, and it’s kinda my sneaky way of getting more characters into the countdown…but I do think that as far as great comedic teams are concerned, they’re on the best. Gaston is a strong, arrogant, studly beefcake and LeFou is his bumbling side-kick. Before they say a word you can’t wait to see what happens based on that description! I also like the collective journey these two take throughout the story. I would argue that Gaston has a wildly evil moment with the Beast at the end and reaches his fatal demise in a gruesome way. (In comparison to others. I mean, even Capt. Hook disappears still struggling with the crocodile…so we’re left hanging.) They’re drawn very well…and these two you can totally connect with. You can probably think right now about someone you know who is EXACTLY like Gaston or LeFou, am I right? (Shout out to Evan Litt who played LeFou opposite of my Gaston this year.)

Evan Litt as LeFou

Me as Gaston and Evan Litt as LeFou in Signature Production's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

16. IAGO (From “Aladdin”)

Iago is one of those annoying characters that you love to hate. Every great villain needs a side-kick or an on-looker. Iago’s contributions to Jafar’s dark side is what makes Jafar an effective character. Disney has to be careful. Can’t be too scary (something that happened in “Hunchback” in my opinion) and you can’t be too campy (something that happened in “Robin Hood.”) So, you sandwich the two together, then spin away the silly stuff in the end of the film, and you’ve got an effective bad guy. Add to the fact that Gilbert Godfrey voices the bird, and you have a brilliant comedic Disney cocktail…or rather…cockatoo, tail!

15. BALOO (From “The Jungle Book”)

Baloo is very much like John Goodman, if you ask me. I didn’t care much for ROSEANNE, but I find myself watching reruns of the show simply because John Goodman, and that chick who plays Roseanne’s sister….they’re so funny! Baloo is that friendly, funny, kinda dum-dee-dum type of character that is just fun to watch. I suppose it helps that Mowgli is just flat out annoying, and I could never STAND that character…but still. I have a soft spot for Baloo.

14. EDNA E. MODE (From “The Incredibles)

Edna is simply a fantastic character. First of all…”The Incredibles” is brilliant. That being said, this quirky, uppity, little tribute to Alfred from Batman and Q from James Bond MAKES the movie. She is feisty, slick, smart and resourceful. She’s got a great voice and the deadpan delivery kept me in stitches and burdened me throughout my weekend as I tried again and again, in vein, to mimick it. That, and the character is intimidating. Love it. Before we move on, real quick…any one else think she’s is the spitting image of Project Runway’s Christian?

13. CRUELLA DEVILLE (From “101 Dalmations”)

Alright…let’s talk about Cruella Deville. I know she get a bad rap, but let’s face it. She’s awesome. She’s been around forever and didn’t necessarily come from the best family situation. To step away from her other brothers like that and pursue a solo music career is very ambitious. Her recording career has become infamous and some of the most influential work in the music industry, period. I mean, when she released “Beat It,” “Billy Jean,” “Thriller” and dozens of other number one singles….I mean, she set the standard in……what? *Pause* She’s not…what? *Pause* You mean, she didn’t…..hmmmm. Are you sure? That wasn’t her dangling the baby from the balcony? Really! *Soft Whispering Heard* What’s that? You have proof? Let me see.

This proves nothing.

12. AM and SI (The Siamese Cats from “The Lady and the Tramp”)

The Siamese Cat song is just plain creepy. I love these two little devils and the way they are presented in animation…it’s so deliciously accurate. Siamese Cats are so much like these two, it’s not even funny. They’re crafty, they’re fun…and they stick out in my mind as being a part of one the neatest Disney movie moments ever.


This funny, snippy Owl is the best part of this under-appreciated Disney classic. Merlin would be on my list, but they ended up making him really goofy in the end. Kinda upsetting. But Archimedes is a wry, sourpuss, and who doesn’t love a sour-puss? Half the country is days away from voting for one! (That was a dig, I know. I’ll even it out. Ummm. Hmmm. The other one has big ears. There.) I watch “The Sword and the Stone” specifically because of Archimedes. (Who was voiced beautifully by Junius Matthews.)

10. SIR HISS (From “Robin Hood”)

Sir Hiss, that silly serpent was the best part of Robin Hood. (A movie is affectionately refer to as “a mess.”) Disney could have done SO much more with this movie.  It’s a classic tale with limit-less possibilities. We could have had a classic tale with amazing heroes and crazy bad villains. Instead we have  wussy bad guy, a unlikable fox Maid Marion…and the best character is a stinkin’ after-thought side-kick. Well, I’m glad they developed Hiss…of all of the Disney snakes…he’s the besssssssst. The only other good thing to come from this movie was a seriously sped-up track of the chorus to “Robin Hood and Little John” that is directly associated with the techno Hampster Dance. I’m dead serious when I say that someone is making a living off of the Hampster Dance. God Bless America.

9. TIMON & PUMBA (From “The Lion King”)

Timon and Pumba are the Batman and Robin of Disney characters. Probably the best duo in the history of Disney. Amazing vocal performances, hilarious and memorable musical numbers, carefree yet caring characters that grabbed audiences from the beginning and haven’t let loose yet. I mean, c’mon…how many of you have been to the zoo lately? A million bucks says you looked at the meerkats and said “Look, it’s Timon!” Everybody has!

8. SCAR (From “The Lion King”)

By law, Jeremy Irons should have to voice every animated villain until he dies. What an amazing vocal performance. He’s scary and delightfully evil. The movement and animation on this film is first-rate, and the scenes with the hyenas during “Be Prepared”….I would have to say that it’s one of the finest animated villain songs ever. Add to the fact that he’s basically a simple lion with a slight deformation, and you’ve got an unsuspecting, haunting monster waiting to pounce! Good times.

7. KRONK (From the “Emperor’s New Groove”)

Kronk is voiced by Patrick Warburton. He’s awesome. He starred in the live action version of the cartoon “TICK.” (It was very short-lived.) He also was Elaine’s boyfriend in Seinfeld. He’s very good at playing the clueless character…or the under appreciated character….or the likable dummy. In “Emperor’s New Groove,” a comedic master-piece in its own right (and by FAR David Spade’s best movie) he’s the mountainous side-kick to the completely unlikable (for the wrong reasons) Ertha Kitt villain. (I can’t even remember her name. Who cares, really.) If you never have seen this movie…go out and buy it now. If only for this brilliant secondary character. He’s genius.

6. CAPTAIN HOOK (From “Peter Pan”)

Captain Hook is an icon. He can easily be ranked in the Top 20 villains of all time list, if you asked me. He’s a pirate, which earns him bonus points right off…..he’s got a hook for an appendage, he’s scared of crocodiles, and the ticking of an alarm clock inside the belly of the always-pursuing beast keeps him constantly at bay. Dang…before you even tell the story you have bunches to work with there! Peter Pan has always been some sort of an enigma to me. I always found myself relating to Hook in the story. I mean…the kid is a brat! Hook is just trying to do his job….pillage, plunder, murder and steal. (Normal, everyday piratey things to do, right?) But this flying, jolly, green pixie is always up in his grill messin’ wit his bizznass. Homeboy askin’ for some hook….if you asked me. BANGARANG!

5. FLOWER (From “Bambi”)

Flower may come across as a bit namby-pamby at first…but when you talk about innocence incarnate, Flower is one of the sweetest Disney characters ever. And how genius is it that Flower is a skunk? Nobody said Disney wasn’t clever. Bambi is one of those doe-eyed movies of yesteryear that people long associate with this old-school was of thinking and doing. Usually, people regard them with a long-distance sentiment that seperates them from anything even remotely produced today. I argue that if it wasn’t for movies like Bambi and characters like Flower, we would have no basis for comparison for today heroes, victims and villains. Love him, or hate him…the skunk is a pioneer. But you can call him Flower if you want to.

4. LUMIERE (From “Beauty and the Beast”)

Lumiere is Disney’s finest front man. The fact that he’s French helps, I think, because it puts a romantic, slightly goofy (but only because the French take themselves so seriously) sort of machismo about him. But on top of that, he’s a showman with grace, manners and sentiment. Plus, he’s on fire…which adds an element of danger. What do you have…a premiere Disney character that some may argue is Disney’s #1 most charming character ever. Voiced by the brilliant (God rest his soul) Jerry Orbach, he is every musical theatre major’s dream role. (Tip of the hat to Steve Huntsman.)


Steve Huntsman as LUMIERE in Signature Production's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

3. GENIE (From “Aladdin”)

The Genie in Aladdin is what brought audiences back to loving Disney movies again. Stay with me. There is an old-school Disney following. You know the group…those who think that Cinderella and Snow White look so innocent and pure (and not like expressionless, carbon copies of the last Disney damsel.) They are the ones that LOVE the simplicity of the grainy animation process, and scoff digital animation. Then there are those who are all about digital, and can’t imagine why anyone would ever even watch “The Three Caballeros.” Genie, is the bridge between the two and the character has been constructed effortlessly by Robin Williams who by and large I consider a genius. The fast-paced approach to this wide-open opportunity of a character really set the bar for Disney films to come and was simply a dream come true.

2. BELLE (From “Beauty and the Beast”)

Note that this is the only Disney Princess on my list. That’s because all of the others stink. (This is with all due respect to my friend Sierra Boggess who is playing Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” on Broadway. Love ya Sierra!) Where was I….oh, that’s right, “You heard me! Stinky poo!” None of them are role models. Tonight is Halloween, and hundreds of little girls are waiving magic wands and flouncing around in their princess dresses. Belle on the other hand isn’t even a princess by choice. She wants adventure…she wants to get away! All of the other princesses wants to be coddled by a big strong prince. Boo, boo, boo. “No mommy! I wanna be a fairy princess!”

Okay, let’s go there for a minute (frankly because my wife is giving me grief for putting Belle so high on the list.) What IS a fairy princess? Answer me that? Is it a princess with wings? Is it a small, flying pixie? (A pocket-sized princess, if you will?) Why in the world do girls want to emulate these characters so badly? (“Because they want to look pretty!”) Well…God forbid we start nurturing them with daily love and support so that they might build up self-esteem. (“Because they want to be magical.”) I don’t see anyone dressing up like David Copperfield. (“Because they like the color pink.”) Go trick-or-treating as a bottle of Pepto.

That’s always bugged me. Fairy Princesses. Sheesh. Did you know Disney has made over $5 billion dollars on the Disney Princess brand since 1998. FIVE BILLION. That’s a lot of plastic wands. I sincerely hope that the little girls of the world are granting wishes left and right tonight, because when they grow up and find out that life doesn’t always offer that Disney happy ending…they will have to dig down and reach for something inside to get them through. No plastic tiara or yellow dress will help them out.

With that said, Belle is Disney’s strongest princess. She is a dreamer, an odd-duck…but she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She sacrifices herself for her father…she’s kind and nurturing…and she reads! (Novel idea in this day and age.) And while I’m not saying that Belle is the reason for the boost in Twilight book sales, I will say that she’s not the type of heroine that stands by waiting for someone to rescue her. She takes charge and creates her own destiny. I love that about this character. All of the other princess can’t even match up. (Side Note: My favorite Belle is Kari Curletto, who I have the pleasure sharing the stage with in Signature Production’s Beauty and the Beast.)


Kari Curletto as Belle.

1. THE CHESHIRE CAT (From “Alice in Wonderland”)

Here he is folks…my number one pick for COOLEST Disney Characters of All Time! I can’t imagine anyone arguing with me that the Cheshire Cat isn’t cool. First of all he’s crazy. Crazy is WAY cool. Secondly, he’s striped and purple. Cool. He’s a cat. Cool. He detaches his head and can disappear. Way cool. And, we never REALLY know if he’s a good guy or merely a prankster. So, he’s mysterious. That’s cool. All the while, keeping a big ol’ grin on his face. Love it.


  1. GOOFY (Love the dude…simply because of that “wah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoy!” noise he makes when he falls.)
  2. CHEF LOUIS and SABASTIAN (From “Little Mermaid”) Little Mermaid represent!
  3. APU (From “Aladdin”) I took him down a few notches. He kept throwing his own poo.
  4. URSULA (From “Little Mermaid”) Dang! Another one from Little Mermaid. Shoot. What should we do with all of these Little Mermaid characters that didn’t make it on my “Coolest” list?? I know, let’s write them into a Broadway musical!

Hope you found my list enthralling…or at least something to kill a little time with…but with that said, Disney movies (or any movie for that matter) is all about entertainment. I deem a movie “good” if I walk away from it having been entertained. The 20 characters on this list have entertained me again and again. That’s what it’s all about, really. Consistency. Consistency is cool.


112 Responses to “Top 20 Coolest Disney Characters of All Time”

  1. I like your list. I will admit I find some of your list a wee bit biased to the deliciously evil men you’ve portrayed on stag but it is YOUR list after all. I totally agree with your #2. She’s my favorite!

  2. A Simple Student Says:

    Great List! All of the characters have their own special place in Someone’s heart. One thing I thought I would let you know though, is that Kung Fu Panda is actually by Dreamworks so it is not Disney. Fantastic movie though.

  3. Mary Poppins fed kids sugar! How can that not be cool?!? Jimney Cricket was also one of the coolest.

  4. scuse me, senor.

    what about izma??? dude. she is freaking amazing.

    and mushuu??????? or chin po? or crickee from mulan???

    you deff missed some good’uns lol

    but i like the rest of it. ole!

  5. Nice list, I agree with you on most of it. ^_^
    I wish you included Mushu though, he’s uber-awesome!

  6. I cant beleive Rafiki from the lion king isn’t on here, hes sooo cool! With his Kung Fu skills and that stick he takes everywhere, and hes hilarious. Man i love him 🙂
    But i agree on Archimedes. I always liked him 🙂

  7. kayllee, natt, and courtney Says:

    hey look here gene should be first because he is a beast! dude seriously you dont know your disney characters. and also simba isnt on here what the heck! and rafiki isnt on here either! -_- this sucks. wow. dude.

  8. Freyja Says:

    Lol this is a great list! Belle will always be my number one, She is the best princess but the others have their merit D: Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White (who is 14! Someone arrest that prince!) are weak role models but I can’t help but enjoy the traditionalism. It’s really made my standards in men practically unattainable. Prince Charming men today are not.

    Love Gaston. He’s such a mean head, not all skinny and wimp, and as far as personality goes, good lord he’s got it! And he loved Belle so much! Aww…

    Scar is my favorite villain. I love the interaction between him and young Simba. “Your so weird :P” Young simba is adorable and rambunctious and voiced by JTT who’s was my celebrity love when I was little.

  9. john wennstrom Says:

    >>>….There is an old-school Disney following. You know the group…those who think that Cinderella and Snow White look so innocent and pure (and not like expressionless, carbon copies of the last Disney damsel.) They are the ones that LOVE the simplicity of the grainy animation process, and scoff digital animation….>>>>

    Why you ungrateful whippersnapper!

    Old school Cogsworth here. (And I should clock you a good one on the head for leaving the most important character in BATB off your list.)

    No argument with your comment about Disney’s tendency to use over-sanitized female lead damsels in many of his early films. But Snow White a carbon copy? Of what? She was the first!!! Kids of your generation don’t realize what a revolutionary, ground-breaking accomplishment SWATSD really was. Disney’s folly they called it. It started everything.

    And what is this about “grainy animation”? Nothing grainy about hand drawn and colored cells. Now maybe the original Fantasia gets grainy when blown up to be shown on an IMEX screen, but the original animation of early Disney animation is about as ungrainy as it gets.

  10. Jiminy Cricket is definitely a role model even if he didn’t make the list.

  11. Great site. How about adding Maleficent when she became a dragon?
    Mickey, as the Sorcerer’s apprentice with thwe stars behind him as he waves his batton to stop the crashing seas?

  12. awesome list! Medusa from the Rescuers should hav been on it, and the she mouse(forgot her name…) but those definitely left a print on my childhood among others. oh and mulan wasnt abt getting the prince charming she had a pretty solid character if ask me ^_^

  13. good list, have to agree with the lack of Mushu though.

    and more importantly…. lack of Clopin, you know, just the character with one of the best vocal actors in the WHOLE of disney history! 😦

  14. Thanks for supporting Belle. She has always been my favourite female character in Disney as well, though I do think that Mulan could have been here to, she also chose her own way and didn’t wait for a guy to come save her in fact she saved the guy herself!

  15. Paige Turner Says:

    Hey there.

    My aunt will be venturing off to Disney Land in a few months and I am on a quest to find my favourite Disney Character that I would like to have as a gift in plushie form. What do you think?¿?¿?¿?¿? I was thinking Thumper, but I am open to suggestions!!!!


  16. A present day princess would muck out stalls one day and don a quirky derby hat the next…she would have The Black Stallion series, dreamed of saving mustangs, and if she ever married it would be a rancher or a vetrinarian…oops. Did I give the story away…

  17. noodles Says:

    have you ever read the book, the cartoonist by richard beard?

  18. Maleficent should be higher on the list. I would switch her and Cruella.

    After all, she is, to my knowledge, the only Disney character ever to say “hell.”

  19. i agree that cheshire cat belongs in the #1 spot. one thing tho… in your “just missed it” cadigory… the monkey from aladin,…his name is ABU… not apu….. watch the movie again and listen… its abu… (a-boo)

  20. Meredith Says:

    I really like your list. It was really cute. I really enjoyed it. One thing though. Dory is a Blue Tang, not a Blue Tag. Just thought I’d let you know.

  21. Samantha Says:

    Oh my goodness, I could NOT agree more with your description about Scar! The “Be Prepared” song is my favorite song from Lion King! Not only for the song, but because the whole thing is awesome.

  22. Edna Mode (agreed, as being one of the best) is actually based on the famous costume designer Edith Head, who was as paranoid as she was brilliant. The peak of her career was late 50s and the 60s, when The Incredibles is aesthetically set. Comparing her to Christian is a shame, really.

  23. ALSO Belle is the only Anglo-Saxon brown eyed brunette of all Disney princesses. And that makes me like her, cuz all other fair skinned princesses are green, gray, or blue eyed and light hair and whatnot. FFF

  24. Eartha Kitt villain. Yzma. Very likeable I’ll have to disagree with you on that one. All the other picks are well deserved.

  25. This list is brilliant! Do think scar should be higher up though, but you know, your list your rules, but still fab list! Well done!

  26. Interesting list, but one little comment just nagged me on Maleficent’s posting. How is Aurora hard to pronounce for those of Asian heritage…? Or are you confusing R with L?

  27. Now I love Belle and all- but saying that she’s the only princess role model is a bit much.


    She went to war to protect her father and ended up SAVING CHINA. She saved an entire country, come on. Mulan wins.

    Also, Pocahontas is a pretty cool character, too. …and if we’re talking about Pocahontas as a film, Grandmother Willow is an awesome Disney character. Talking wisdom tree… can’t beat that.

  28. Little help with the list, Kronk is in a Dreamworks picture not Disney.

  29. I think Aladdin’s princes Jasmin also wanted to scape from the palace just because she was too young to get married.

    Another idea that came up to my mind…Ariel was 16!! thats ilegal in most countries

  30. AH! Mulan is probably one of the strongest Disney Princess there are out there. She goes and pretends to be a man in a patriarchal society so that her father doesn’t die in the war. She learns to keep up with the guys even though she is disadvantaged physically. When she’s found out, she goes back and saves the emperor even though she knows she could be executed as punishment. She’s the bomb!

  31. what about stitch !

  32. good job on belle– she’s my favorite disney princess too

  33. bubblegum Says:

    isnt nemo a pixar movie too?

  34. Nice list, I agree with a lot. But I think that Pocahontas is the best Disney princess.

  35. DisneyFan626 Says:

    OK, so I agree with the list up to some extent, and Belle is my joint favourite Disney Princess (with Ariel), but saying all the other princesses are just waiting for princes to save them is rubbish. Did Ariel not save Prince Eric from death, rather than the other way around? Did Mulan not save the whole of China single-handedly (almost) without needing a man to do it for her? Did Pocahontas not save John Smith from death either? I rest my case.
    Also, how the flipping HECK did the following not make it on to the list???
    -Goofy: A legendary character and the definition of cool!
    -Mushu: How hilarious does a little dragon have to be to make it onto the list?
    -Sebastian: If he isn’t the coolest crab around, I don’t know who is.
    -Terk: Tarzan wouldn’t have been Tarzan without her humour!
    -Hercules, Meg, Phil, Hades, Pegasus – just someone from this amazing film!
    There are loads more I could include, but these few just stand out. WHY OH WHY are they not included!?

  36. Where the hell is Dodger from Oliver & Company?

  37. sid the hyena Says:

    where the hell are the hyenas from lion king? specifically sid hes awesoem

  38. Hunkahunka Says:

    Another thing that makes the Cheshire Cat cool is that he’s voiced by Sterling Holloway. I LOVE Sterling Holloway! Best actor ever.

  39. Jane didn’t want to become a princess! :O She’s my favourite Disney ‘princess’ (cos she technically became a queen because Tarzan is king of the jungle) how awesome and cool is she?! I don’t see her on the list! 😦 Otherwise, good choice 😛

  40. erikball123 Says:

    Settle down! I understand you passion for beloved Disney characters. Your points are well received!

  41. David Russo Says:

    Jack Sparrow is most definitely the coolest Disney character of all time.

  42. One, Edna Mode was created to intentionally dopplegang Edith Head

    Belle for the win.

  43. I agree about most of the pricessess but there is one more who is strong willed and has a head on her shoulders: Pocehauntus, forgive me for spelling if its wrong. Another character, who I’m not sure is a princess but some people say she is, is Mulan. She, like belle, goes out to save her father but she places herself out of society to do so.

  44. This was really funny to read. I’m not going to tell you what other characters that need to be on here, because it’s YOUR list. I have my own list of awesome characters. And I agree with you on most of the list, a couple things:

    Sleeping Beauty happened to be my favorite disney movie when I was a kid. I adored Aurora’s care-free spirit and don’t think I’m shallow, I loved her hair. And I love Prince Phillip and his horse Samson (on my own list, Samson is on it. Nothing makes me happy like a Noble Steed). And the three faries have characters! And I like singing the drunk song with King Stephan and King Hubert. (also on my own list is the drunk dude who drinks all their wine. I’m not sure what he’s called. nothing makes me laugh more than watching drunk people).

    That being said, I love Belle. I love her almost as much as Aurora, but only because I adored Aurora so much before I saw Beauty and the Beast it was hard to replace her. But I have a lot in common with Belle. I like to read, I’m independant, and I care for family (some people even say I look like her, which I do, kind of.) But that’s what makes her so awesome: peope can relate to her.

    Anyway, I’m going to wrap up this comment. I loved your list, I totally agree on most of it. Especially Cruella Devil and Kronk. (and to whoever said Kronk wasn’t a disney but a dreamworks, you’re wrong. It’s disney. They even had a show on disney channel called, “the Emproer’s new school” which I didn’t watch for fear it would kill one of my favorite disney movies, like most shows-after-the-movie shows do to me)

  45. Honestly? The Horned King from “The Black Cauldron” should be number one! A badass among badasses.

  46. Belle is a great princess but i do not agree with the others being terrible. All of the princesses are great to me

  47. William P. Wonka Says:

    Where’s The Beast?

  48. Neil Dunsmore Says:

    Overall, this is a very good list. I agree with a lot of these. And what you said about the princesses… yeah, I will always agree with this. Characters like Meg and Kida they tried with but couldn’t quite get it right. (Though Kida came very close) And while Tiana pretty much teaches kids to think realistically, I also think Disney tried too hard with her as every second, she’s reminding us that she’s a role-model and seriously doesn’t shut up about it! The only Disney princess who ranks up with Belle in this day and age is Rapunzel. She doesn’t have to remind us every second that she’s a role model but she is. She also picks her own destiny when opportunity knocks, which is a major plus. Disney did everything right with Rapunzel, and that’s just one of the reasons Tangled is now officially one of my favorite Disney films.

  49. Rafiki should have been 1st without a doubt

  50. My favorite is robin hood u cant deny his awesomeness

  51. Overall, a great list!

    I agree with your #2, cuz Belle’s actually a great role model for young girls. She may not be a warrior like Mulan, or an athlete like Pocahontas, but her character is the most outstanding part of her. She is confident, independent, anti-superficial, and take control of her future. The most important: She is able to bypass appearance and see through others’ hearts. Quite a lot of positive values does she has. That’s what I call COOL!! XDXDXD

    I also agree with most of your “stinky poo” stuff you said of the princesses, although most females that came after Belle do have some positive stuff. The notable exception is Mulan, a Disney female I like almost as much as Belle. 😛

    Pongo, maleficent, genie, and scar are also on my list. Well, that’s that, see ya! =D

  52. SanDmaN Says:

    Cheshire cat all the way “’twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe” haha

  53. Jay Dee Says:

    Winnie the Pooh will always be my fav, he has a special place in my heart ❤ In terms of awesomeness however, Cheshire Cat is a great choice and he's prob #2 on my list. All your characters are solid choices, but I think there are better characters. Also soooooooo happy to see a SitS characters. Archemetes (definitely spelled that wrong) is my fav from that movie.

    Also, Robert, Kronk is Disney. Check your facts before you post, idiot.

  54. Dude, have you SEEN the Hunchback of Notre Dame?!

    Frollo is the greatest villain in Disney history! His hypocrisy towards religion, passionate hatred towards the “sinners” and creepy obsession with Esmeralda–It’s intense stuff! I still cannot believe that movie got away with a G rating!

    Quasimodo is just so caring and kindhearted, you gotta love that guy!

    Esmeralda is strong and selfless, the way she prays for the outcasts and not herself. She’s brave because she struggles, and still pretends everything’s fine. Very independent.

    Clopin is just awesome. Don’t really know why.

    …But seriously? It’s a CRIME that Frollo was not on there!!


    I love her too, but HELLO? Mulan went to WAR for sake of her sick father!! She saved THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ COUNTRY!!

    There’s also Disney’s newest princess, Tiana. She’s a fantastic role-model, but I see she came out after this list was made.

    And Mushu. Don’t forget him.

    Also, I think Genie should have been #1. He’s my all time favorite. ❤

  55. Off The Rail Says:

    Favorite “princess” ever was easily Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Even though she did dance on a stripper-like pole in the beginning of the movie. Favorite villain is Frollo because he isn’t the big strong tough guy in the movie. He’s the psychological villain who messes with your head, but couldn’t push around a normal sized person. He reminded me of Wormtongue from LOTR.
    Love the Cheshire Cat too, but come on where’s Mushu and Pegasus and IAGO! The crazy sarcastic parrot from Aladdin should be on there. It’s your list so you can put whomever you want, but mine is probably a little bit different.

  56. I disagree with you that belle is the best princess. I would argue that Kida or Mulan were by far the best. Some on my list are Yzma, Stich, Pleakly and Jumba, Dopey, Terk and Tantor, Sully and Mike, Pain and Panic and Phil, just to name a few.I love your list and definitely agree with you on numerous accounts! 🙂

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  75. well i agree this website is cool but they should ask us are opinons of favouirte characters from disney world what they did and stuff and we can chat to people on here i like makeing new freinds i hope you agree with me my fav is pluto

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  77. Rahul gorai Says:

    Yeah……….. These are the bests but I don’t see why cheshire is in this list and that too in #1 ?????????????

  78. Rahul gorai Says:

    What about mickey mouse???????????????/

  79. I honestly like your list. BUT! You forgot:
    Both of the crickets
    Mushu!! (Gotta love dat guy!)
    Simba & the monkey!
    I’m sorry but I disagree with you on Belle. MULAN ALL THE WAY! She is the true hero. She doesn’t give a poop about anything. She knows what to do & follows her heart. She taught bravery, honor, to never give up if your determine, and it does not matter on your looks. Mulan not only saved her dad, but she saved China too!! She is also very witty & clever too. Under appreciated of course…*tisk tisk* If only people could see how amazing she is…

  80. Ashley van kirk Says:

    No stitch?


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  83. Mulan needs to be on this list, she is legit.

  84. Agreed, Disney. As animated WD dogs go, Dodger could show up Pongo by a looong mile. “Absotively, posolutely!”

  85. I really like this list and agree that Belle wipes the floor with the other princesses. But a princess that is even cooler is princess Eilowy from The Black Cauldron! She is the only princess with a super power and saves Taran(the main character). Plus she is like twelve! If her movie was more popular then maybe she would be recognized among the disney princess franchise cause she’s definitely the best!

  86. Lianett fernandez Says:

    FYI Alan RIckman does the voice of Scar not Jeremy Irons. He’s one of my favorite actors of all time so i had to point it out, sorry.

  87. U missd dolan

  88. Any Disney list that wouldn’t include Buzz Lightyear as a top 20 coolest character looses immediate credibility with me!

  89. […] blog Lord What’s My Motivation listou 20 personagens Disney que ficaram marcados na memória de crianças e adultos por, ao longo […]

  90. It’s ‘Abu’, not ‘Apu’.

  91. You truly outdid yourself this post. I am very impresses

  92. Ummmm, excuse me, i see a problem. Stitch is nowhere to be found.

  93. Sire Mezaguchi Says:

    First off just wanna say: you are an idiot. Half of these characters aren’t by any means of the definition of cool. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of your choices but some are not the cool. And when I mean cool I mean smooth, calm, collective, and above all clever.

    Second, Belle is not the strongest, Mulan and Pocahontas are the strongest Disney Princess characters. Belle is probably the smartest Disney Princess character, but not the strongest.

    And Finally, most of what you typed up was explaining why this character was on this. It was mostly you rambling on about something else entirely.

    And with that I bid you adieu. *Salutes**Walks Away*

  94. Your style is so unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this blog.

  95. Belle is french 🙂

  96. What about Woody and Buzz?

  97. I love your list, but…

    Belle doesn’t necessarily strike me as the only good disney princess role-model. She is defiantly better than Aurora and Cinderella (I’m not going to include Snow White in that, being that she was a major character breakthrough in the time she was introduced), however, if find Mulan and Pocahontas, and even Esmerelda to be much better role models, being that each of them were not only able to create their “Happily ever after”, but at the same time, they were able to save the lives of civilizations, which to me, is a huge deal.

  98. Jullian Says:

    Just wanna say; while I think belle is a great choice and a syringe character, in my opinion she had been dethroned as the strongest of the disney females. Merida from Brave has set the bar, teaching girls there is more to life than ending up with the prince.

  99. Hats off to you for naming the Cheshire cat #1! He’s my favourite too and for all the reasons you gave! And so many of my other faves are here too – Belle, Scar, Dory, Timon & Pumbaa, Malificent, Iago, Genie, etc. I agree Belle is the best Disney princess. Her first real competition for that title (IMO) was only created with Merida. My only disgreement is having Sir Hiss or anyone from The Emperor’s New Groove (though IMO, the only good Disney movie between Lion King and Lilo and Stitch was Mulan) on there over many others from better movies, especially Rafiki. He had it all. He was funny but at the same time he was the spokes-character for the main lessons of the movie. He is what made the story so powerful – and even more so in the musical. Seriously? Sir hiss, but not Rafiki, the Beast, Abu, Stitch, Alice, I could go on a long time…Even if it’s the snake thing, Kaa was better.

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  104. Brianne Cruz Says:

    Man!! no simba! hes the greatest lion king character why didnt you include him there? also rafiki hes awesome and funny too!! Elsa shes awesome with her ice powers and a beautiful dress!!
    man where are Simba,Rafiki & Elsa!!!

  105. I will let u know sleeping beauty is mu fave disney movie:-O

  106. No stitch??

  107. This is totally right! My fave carachter of all time is namely Emma from Once Upon A Time cause that’s my name girl

  108. Oh my god, my twin sis Ally would have loved this. Oh and so would have my boyfriend, Austin. It’s so cool.( By the way that note was for the author). I sent them both a pic and they said…”Oh my god! Alex where did you find this.

  109. DiamondDancer Says:

    A.Kronk should be number 1

    B.Where’s Kusco?

    C.Where’s Koda

    D.Where’s Esmeralda?

    Besides that, the list is great.
    That is all

  110. SimbaLionKing Says:

    The list is great! Love Pongo, Belle and Baloo. But what about Tigger, Rafiki, Nala, Thomas O’Malley and Tarzan? Definitely admire how Belle’s headstrong character.

  111. Thomas Lane Says:

    How the hell is Dodger not number 1, let alone not one this list. Dory? Belle? God damn. Probably haven’t even watched the movie, my 3 year old niece could of composed a better list.

    fyi there is nothing remotely cool about a puppy killer.

  112. The Mighty Esp Phillips Says:

    Yo, while Belle is so adventurous and somehow the “best” role model, you forgot two better role model princesses: Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) and Mulan (from Mulan). Here’s how they’re better:
    Mulan: While Belle sacrificed her life for her father, she didn’t face death, only captivity. Mulan, however, faced death if someone found out her secret, as well as dishonoring her legacy. That’s a higher price than Belle had to face.
    Tiana: Tiana sacrificed her life and time to Perdue her father’s dreams and passion, and thigh she took it too far, she still gave up an average life to honor her father.

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