My wife Emily, won the EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD at the Pacific Southwest District Lutheran Educator’s Conference and CAPSO convention last week.


This is a HUGE award and has only been bestowed on a handfulof Faith Lutheran teachers in the past. (Mr. Dunning, Ms. Krafft and Mrs. Youmans I think are the only other winners.)

I cannot reiterate enough how amazing of a teacher she is. She is my inspiration…the reason I can approach with confidence every good day I have at Faith and the reason I can get my tushy out of bed after every bad day. She’s a hard-working, caring, devoted, kind-hearted, fun teacher and her students LOVE HER.


If I were a fifth the teacher she was…I would be content for the rest of my life. But because I’m not…it was nothing less than an honor to sit next to her as she won the award. She deserves it…she’s amazingly humble about it…and I think she is just the greatest blessing at Faith Lutheran….in every student’s life she touches….and in my life as her husband.

With Faith Lutheran's Executive Director Kevin Dunning.

Emily with Faith Lutheran's Executive Director Kevin Dunning moments after receiving the award.


Emily and a gaggle of her colleagues and friends after the event.


9 Responses to “My Wife…EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR!”

  1. How AWESOME is THAT?!?!?!!!! Congrats, Emily!!!!!

  2. That’s great news. Congratulations.

  3. Kaitlin B. Says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Balll!!!

  4. Please give Emily a big contratulatory hug! What a wonderful honor.

    We’re blog buddies now 😉

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    How wonderful!!!! She definately deserves it! Congratulations Mrs. Ball!!!!!

  6. Erik, thanks for tooting the horn. Emily, this is a well-deserved honor — amazingly easy for this parent to see how you earned it. Congratulations.

  7. This is a wonderful award! I think it is also wonderful that you (MR.Ball) are so VERY PROUD of your wife! It is refreshing.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a well-deserved honor!!! We feel very blessed to have a student who will learn by your wonderful example!! Way to go Mrs. Ball!!

  9. DeAnna Anderson Says:

    Emily – congratulations!!!! Erik – thanks for sharing with us the wonderful news!

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