We’re always AUDITIONING

I’m looking forward to the High School play auditions today and tomorrow. Surely stomachs are tied up in knots. I’m sure lunch room tables will buzz with anticipatory conversation as Freshman compare themselves to upper-classmen and Seniors compare themselves to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Of course, it’s bound to happen…there will be cattiness. Venom will fly and the devil will plant notions in our heads that will convince us that it’s okay to walk away from this afternoon scowling our fellow classmates and shun the happening on the make-shift stage in the drama room.

It's not THAT bad.

It's not THAT bad.

But, beyond the fire and brimstone, there is always the bigger picture that welcomes another opportunity to make a humble stage adaption into something that ultimately is pleasing to God. Gathering up young hopefuls to create something is not unlike anything else that happens on this campus. In Biology class they’re working on collaborative projects…the Softball teams begin conditioning next week…and the lunch room staff maintains a steady pace as they implement new procedures in their routine. It’s all relative. It’s all a show.

My role as drama teacher extends beyond the classroom or stage and I’ve pretty much welcomed the secondary position of coach/counselor. I’m a little miffed that we are being asked to post the cast list after-school, instead of before school this year. (The complaint is that the students who don’t receive role become all emotional and it distracts from the day.) The rule itself is fine…but the opportunity to council, talk through advise (post-audition) is now gone. Especially now that it’s on a Friday! Sheesh…we’ve got to wait a whole weekend before looking these kids in the eyes! (In ANY situation…weekends provide enough time to….well……plot!)

We have an intimate cast demand for this show. Only fifteen characters. We’ll far exceed that number in our audition turn-out. But, I would like to encourage all who ARE auditioning, HAVE auditioned…and MIGHT audition down the road. Please keep in mind that shows are devices in which to generate self-discipline, creative insight, motivation and ensemble opportunities (in really neato costumes.) But that’s not all it is. It’s a forum in which to show grace. A place to exhibit your talents that were given as a gift from God so that you may utilize them to His glory. It’s a chance to worship. It’s a chance to save lives and get into the word.

Hard to segue those last statements into preparatory notes on how to approach Col. Mustard or Miss Scarlet! But, in reality…whether we’re on the golf course, in the board room….picking up clients, picking up trash, or picking up our spirits…..we’re all auditioning every day. We have something to prove…something to offer. We’re a blessed people and with or without the spotlights, God is always in the audience applauding. He’s our biggest fan. Without Him, there would be no show.

I wish everyone well at auditions at Faith Lutheran. I wish those seeking peace before their respective auditions to find the Lord and allow Him to take those burdens off of your heart so that you may do what you love: Using your talents to glorify God.

“But he gives us more grace. That’s why the Scripture says: God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” – JAMES 4:6


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